Item Details

Flawless Ribbon     RareEx
[Armor] [Head]
Level: 75 All Jobs

Weapon Details

Damage: 0
Delay: 0
Hits: 0
Skill Type: No Data
Damage Type: 0


Light Resistance+30
Dark Resistance+30
Vermin Killer+2
Bird Killer+2
Amorph Killer+2
Lizard Killer+2
Aquan Killer+2
Plantoid Killer+2
Beast Killer+2
Undead Killer+2
Arcana Killer+2
Dragon Killer+2
Demon Killer+2
Sleep Resistance+2
Poison Resistance+2
Paralyze Resistance+2
Blind Resistance+2
Silence Resistance+2
Virus Resistance+2
Petrify Resistance+2
Bind Resistance+2
Curse Resistance+2
Gravity Resistance+2
Slow Resistance+2
Stun Resistance+2
Charm Resistance+2

Latent Effects

Item does not appear to have any Latent Effects.


No synthesis information available.

Monster Drops

No monster drop information available.

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.