Item Details

Bomb Arm     

Weapon Details

Damage: 6
Delay: 300
Hits: 1
Skill Type: Throwing
Damage Type: None


Item does not appear to have any stats.

Latent Effects

Item does not appear to have any Latent Effects.


Recipe NameTypeSkill
Shell LampIngredient Alchemy, Bonecraft 60, 94
Grilled LikIngredient Cooking 18
Cannon ShellIngredient Alchemy, Goldsmithing, Smithing 94, 18, 34

Monster Drops

Mob NameZoneRateDrop Type
Bomb Queen Ifrits Cauldron 41% Normal
Balloon Inner Horutoto Ruins 33% Normal
Friar's Lantern Halvung 30% Normal
Volcanic Gas Ifrits Cauldron 29% Normal
Volcanic Bomb Ifrits Cauldron 27% Normal
Bomb King Outer Horutoto Ruins 20% Normal
Spunkie Gusgen Mines 14% Normal
Ignis Fatuus Bibiki Bay 13.5% Normal
Napalm Ordelles Caves 11% Normal
Glide Bomb Carpenters Landing 8% Normal
Bifrons Attohwa Chasm 8% Normal
Dark Esquire Wajaom Woodlands 8% Normal
Bomb West Ronfaure 8% Normal
Shrapnel North Gustaberg 8% Normal
Fox Fire Pashhow Marshlands 8% Normal
Enna-enna Cape Teriggan 8% Normal
Puroboros The Sanctuary of ZiTah 8% Normal
Cannonball RoMaeve 8% Normal
Lava Bomb Yuhtunga Jungle 8% Normal
Friar Rush Den of Rancor 8% Normal
Feu Follet Gusgen Mines 8% Normal
Explosure Garlaige Citadel 8% Normal
Hellmine Garlaige Citadel 8% Normal
Kaboom Garlaige Citadel 8% Normal
Bonfire Abyssea-Altepa 8% Normal
Big Bomb Halvung < 1% Stolen
Reacton Halvung < 1% Stolen

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.