Item Details

Terras Staff     
Level: 51 All Jobs

Weapon Details

Damage: 35
Delay: 356
Hits: 1
Skill Type: Staff
Damage Type: Impact


Lightning Resistance+20
Physical Damage Taken %-20
Earth Affinity Damage+3
Thunder Affinity Damage-3
Earth Affinity ACC+3
Thunder Affinity ACC-3
Earth Affinity Perp. Cost (Reduction)+3
Thunder Affinity Perp. Cost (Reduction)-3

Latent Effects

Item does not appear to have any Latent Effects.


Recipe NameTypeSkill
Terras StaffHQ Woodworking 75
Chatoyant StaffIngredient Woodworking 100

Monster Drops

No monster drop information available.

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.