Item Details

Annihilator     RaEx
Level: 90 RNG

Weapon Details

Damage: 65
Delay: 582
Hits: 1
Skill Type: Marksmanship
Damage Type: Piercing


Ranged Attack+125
Ranged Accuracy+135
Adds Weaponskill+216
% Rapid Shot: 2x Damage+25
Extra DMG Chance+150
Occ. X times normal damage+350

Latent Effects

Latent TypeLatent ParamStat ModifierValue
Job Level or Above 90 Weaponskill DMG Bonus 35


No synthesis information available.

Monster Drops

No monster drop information available.

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.