Item Details

Saotome Koshi-ate     RaEx
[Armor] [Waist]
Level: 70 SAM

Weapon Details

Damage: 0
Delay: 0
Hits: 0
Skill Type: No Data
Damage Type: 0


Ranged Accuracy+7

Latent Effects

Item does not appear to have any Latent Effects.


No synthesis information available.

Monster Drops

Mob NameZoneRateDrop Type
Nightmare Manticore Dynamis-Valkurm 2% Normal
Nightmare Treant Dynamis-Valkurm 2% Normal
Nightmare Goobbue Dynamis-Valkurm 2% Normal
Nightmare Tiger Dynamis-Qufim 2% Normal
Nightmare Diremite Dynamis-Qufim 2% Normal
Nightmare Raptor Dynamis-Qufim 2% Normal
Zhuu Buxu the Silent Castle Oztroja [S] 2% Normal

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.