Monster Details

Abyssea-La Theine


Level 0 - 0
Family Gigas
HP 0Calc
MP 0Calc
Respawn Time (HH:MM:SS)00:00:00
Position X: -716
Y: 15
Z: 639

Monster Drops

Item NameRateDrop Type
Gigas Socks 2% Normal
Gigas Necklace 2% Normal
Ebony Log 6% Normal
Divine Log 4% Normal
Spool Of Gold Thread 2% Normal
Coral Fragment 9% Normal
Chunk Of Wind Ore 2% Normal
Chunk Of Earth Ore 2% Normal
Pot Of Urushi 2% Normal
Lacquer Tree Log 4% Normal
Handful Of Clot Plasma 4% Normal
Square Of Galateia 4% Normal
Square Of Sailcloth 4% Normal
Clump Of Karakul Wool 4% Normal
Teak Log 2% Normal
Gigas Helm 2% Normal
Gigas Gauntlets 2% Normal
Slice Of Dragon Meat 6% Normal
Slice Of Coeurl Meat 2% Normal
Slice Of Buffalo Meat 2% Normal
Nifty Mantle 45% Normal


No BCNM information available.

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