Item Details

Ordelle Bronzepiece     
Stackable: 99


No synthesis information available.

Monster Drops

Mob NameZoneRateDrop Type
Scolopendra Dynamis-Qufim 30% Normal
Stringes Dynamis-Qufim 30% Normal
Suttung Dynamis-Qufim 30% Normal
FerociousPugil Dynamis-Qufim 30% Normal
Nightmare Hippogryph Dynamis-Valkurm 20% Normal
Nightmare Sabotender Dynamis-Valkurm 20% Normal
Nightmare Sheep Dynamis-Valkurm 20% Normal
Nightmare Bunny Dynamis-Buburimu 20% Normal
Nightmare Mandragora Dynamis-Buburimu 20% Normal
Nightmare Eft Dynamis-Buburimu 20% Normal
Nightmare Weapon Dynamis-Qufim 20% Normal
Nightmare Stirge Dynamis-Qufim 20% Normal
Nightmare Snoll Dynamis-Qufim 20% Normal
Nightmare Cluster Dynamis-Tavnazia 20% Normal
Nightmare Makara Dynamis-Tavnazia 20% Normal
Battlechoir Gitchfotch Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Soulsender Fugbrag Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Footsoldier Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Trooper Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Amputator Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Vexer Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Pillager Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Mesmerizer Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Grappler Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Neckchopper Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Bugler Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Gutslasher Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Impaler Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Backstabber Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Hawker Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Dollmaster Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Predator Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Reapertongue Gadgquok Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Voidstreaker Butchnotch Dynamis-San dOria 15% Normal
Vanguard Smithy Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Welldigger Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Pathfinder Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Shaman Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Enchanter Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Tinkerer Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Armorer Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Hitman Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Gabblox Magpietongue Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Pitfighter Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Alchemist Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Maestro Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Ambusher Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Ronin Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Tufflix Loglimbs Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Cloktix Longnail Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Smeltix Thickhide Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Jabkix Pigeonpecs Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Wasabix Callusdigit Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Hermitrix Toothrot Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Wyrmwix Snakespecs Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Vanguard Necromancer Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Morgmox Moldnoggin Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Sparkspox Sweatbrow Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Elixmix Hooknose Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Bandrix Rockjaw Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Buffrix Eargone Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Humnox Drumbelly Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Ticktox Beadyeyes Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Lurklox Dhalmelneck Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Trailblix Goatmug Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Kikklix Longlegs Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Karashix Swollenskull Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Mortilox Wartpaws Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Rutrix Hamgams Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Snypestix Eaglebeak Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Anvilix Sootwrists Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Bootrix Jaggedelbow Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Mobpix Mucousmouth Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Eremix Snottynostril Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Jabbrox Grannyguise Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Scruffix Shaggychest Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Blazox Boneybod Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Prowlox Barrelbelly Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Distilix Stickytoes Dynamis-Jeuno 15% Normal
Ga Fho Venomtouch Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Warrior Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Monk Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra White Mage Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Red Mage Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Black Mage Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Thief Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Paladin Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Dark Knight Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Beastmaster Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Bard Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Ranger Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Samurai Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Ninja Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Dragoon Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Hydra Summoner Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Kindred Paladin Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Dark Knight Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Beastmaster Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Ranger Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Bard Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Samurai Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Ninja Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Summoner Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Dragoon Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred White Mage Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Black Mage Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Red Mage Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Warrior Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Monk Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Kindred Thief Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Vanguard Dragon Dynamis-Xarcabard 15% Normal
Stcemqestcint Dynamis-Valkurm 15% Normal
Nant ina Dynamis-Valkurm 15% Normal
Fairy Ring Dynamis-Valkurm 15% Normal
Vanguard Dragontamer Dynamis-Valkurm 15% Normal
Shamblix Rottenheart Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Woodnix Shrillwhistle Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Gosspix Blabberlips Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Flamecaller Zoeqdoq Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Elvaansticker Bxafraff Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Hamfist Gukhbuk Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Lyncean Juwgneg Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Stihi Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Barong Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Alklha Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Aitvaras Dynamis-Buburimu 15% Normal
Nightmare Taurus Dynamis-Tavnazia 15% Normal
ArmouryCrate Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
DiMho Platekeeper Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
ZiBhe Gauntletkeeper Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
ZaDha Adamantking Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
ZaDhas Biographer Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
ZaDhas Minister Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
1st Iron Musketeer Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
1st Legionnaire Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
2nd Legionnaire Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Elivira Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
1st Gold Musketeer Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Kurt Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
8th Iron Musketeer Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
4th Legionnaire Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Allied Mantelet Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
NailBomb Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Allied Belfry Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
1st Legion Aid Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
1st Legion Mercenary Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
FieldWoundpatc Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Di Dhas Elite Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
BoDho Hundredfist Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Waughroon Heavyshell Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
DeVyu Headhunter Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Beadeaux Vanguard Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
BiGho Headtaker Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Qulun Heavy shell Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
GoBhu Herohunter Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
GoBhus Elite raider Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Do BhoVenomtai Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
DadoughVanguar Dynamis-Beaucedine 15% Normal
Bloodspattered Fly Dynamis-Qufim 15% Normal
Marquis Decarabia Dynamis-Xarcabard 4% Normal
Goblin Golem Dynamis-Jeuno 1% Normal
Tymexox Ninefingers Dynamis-Jeuno 1% Normal
Humegutter Adzjbadj Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Jeunoraider Gepkzip Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Cobraclaw Buchzvotch Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Wraithdancer Gidbnod Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Galkarider Retzpratz Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Deathcaller Bidfbid Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Spinalsucker Galflmall Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Lockbuster Zapdjipp Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Heavymail Djidzbad Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Elvaanlopper Grokdok Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Skinmask Ugghfogg Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Taruroaster Biggsjig Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Mithraslaver Debhabob Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Ultrasonic Zeknajak Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Drakefeast Wubmfub Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Moltenox Stubthumbs Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Droprix Granitepalms Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Brewnix Bittypupils Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Ascetox Ratgums Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Gibberox Pimplebeak Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Swypestix Tigershins Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Bordox Kittyback Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Ruffbix Jumbolobes Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Draklix Scalecrust Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Tocktix Thinlids Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Routsix Rubbertendon Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Morblox Chubbychin Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Whistrix Toadthroat Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Slinkix Trufflesniff Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Shisox Widebrow Dynamis-Beaucedine 1% Normal
Duke Gomory Dynamis-Xarcabard 1% Normal
Count Zaebos Dynamis-Xarcabard 1% Normal
Marquis Cimeries Dynamis-Xarcabard 1% Normal
King Zagan Dynamis-Xarcabard 1% Normal
Count Vine Dynamis-Xarcabard 1% Normal
CobraclawBuchz Jugner Forest [S] 1% Normal
OilSpill East Ronfaure [S] 1% Normal
Marquis Sabnak Dynamis-Xarcabard < 1% Stolen
Marquis Andras Dynamis-Xarcabard < 1% Stolen
Marquis Nebiros Dynamis-Xarcabard < 1% Stolen

BCNM Drops

No BCNM drop information available.

Guild Vendors

Item does not appear to be sold at any Guild Vendors.